In the world of information technology (IT), it’s quite common for us to see our business partners (e.g. businesses and companies we work with) refer to Information Transport Solutions, Inc. (ITS) as their clients. Of course, the designation is a true statement; but when it comes to any company working with an IT agency, we want to stress the idea of companies viewing their chosen IT agency as a business partner… rather than just a client and/or employee.

When it comes to us at ITS, we view the work that is done for each of our client companies as a partnership. Both ourselves as the agency and them as the “client” have important tasks and responsibilities to carry out in order to see successful results. Therefore, we find it that companies and agencies should work together as business partners to get the job done efficiently and right!

Because of this, we found ourselves replacing the word “client” with “partner.” This is because we do not see the work we do as something we do for our clients, but rather as work we do with them. And we believe this view doesn’t just stop at ITS. Instead, we think it’d be beneficial for all companies to view their IT agency as a business partner. Here’s why:

Your IT Agency Partner Is More Than A Client

Your IT Agency Partner Knows Your Business (And Vice Versa)

Partners tend to know more than one side of a client’s business. Instead of focusing only on, say, the security and surveillance end, a trusted IT agency partner will approach your business as a whole. Your IT agency partner should get to know your company’s challenges, infrastructure setup, communication barriers, and all of the ins and outs. Even simply walking the production floor asking questions demonstrates a deep interest in your company’s wellbeing.

Getting your hands dirty alongside your IT agency partner and sharing your thoughts on the business as a whole adds value – as a proper partner should.

Your IT Agency Cares About Your Company’s Needs

What type of relationship are you having with your designated IT agency partner if neither of you is benefitting?

As you get to know the IT agency partner that you are working with, take some time to learn about their offerings, style, implementation, company make-up, and values. Strong partners share passions and support each other in the pursuit of them. Find a way to contribute to your partner’s efforts – your IT agency partner should do that same for you!

For example, at ITS, we work individually with each our customer-partners to create tailored service, infrastructure, hosting, surveillance, etc. plans that meet and exceed our clients’ unique needs. We believe that every partnership is different… and that no two companies are always looking for the same IT solutions.

Garner Help Through The Positive And Negative

Every business owner wants the team to see them as a wall of strength, but they don’t recognize that the ability to ask for help is far from the definition of weakness. Team and partner involvement makes any and all changes more palatable, while helping to resolve difficult issues.

At ITS, our team of (human) experts is always on hand whenever you need help – we’re available to talk through the phone or face to face – whatever works best for our partners!

Discuss Anything With Each Other

Although it’s easy to tell clients what they want to hear, true partners won’t do that. We believe that it’s essential for companies to communicate the questions, comments, and concerns their IT agency needs to hear.

If you’ve built a strong rapport, the lines of communication should be open, honest, and readily available.

Having candid conversations prior to signing a contract or implementing a new system is always beneficial to both the IT agency and the partner company. Discuss expectations based on bill rates, be honest about the IT solutions you are interested in, and so on and so forth!

Benefit From A Sense Of Transparency

Regarding fees, examine your pricing practices: Do you know exactly what products and services you are paying for when it comes to your agreement with your IT agency?

Whether it’s fee income, markups, commissions or another combination of pricing structures, both your IT agency and you should be able disclose how you’ve arrived at those numbers and the services that those numbers render.

Mentor Each Other Instead Of Training

A trainer teaches employees, but a mentor forms relationships with them. The end result is the difference between people who know steps versus those who can think for themselves when the steps occasionally go awry.

Clearly, employees need trainers to learn how to operate high-tech IT equipment or run software. But, when it comes to carrying out their responsibilities, real value comes from mentorship.

A partnership between you and your IT agency will allow both parties to explain the specifics of what needs to be accomplished, how it needs to be accomplished, and the role that each individual plays in carrying out those processes.

This forms a partnership that can lead to the development of future leaders in your company.

ITS Is Your IT Agency Partner!

Information Transport Solutions, Inc. (ITS) is a full-service provider of technology solutions integrating voice, video, and data to make organizations more profitable and productive.

We strive to help educational, financial, banking, and healthcare institutions, among other, build the right infrastructure and implement technologies to build a safe environment, enhance administrative efficiency, and create digital classrooms.

We care about our clients and their success. After all, their success means our mutual success and a valued partnership!

If you’re looking to partner up with a tried and trusted IT agency partner who will provide you with cutting edge technology solutions, unmatched customer service and support, and a tailored experience that your company will benefit from, look no further!

The experts at ITS are here and waiting for your call. We are always ready to form new partnerships that will benefit both our company and yours!

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