Video Surveillance Technology: Benefits for Your Business

We’re operating in a world that has strict (and ever-growing) safety demands across areas such as commercial facilities, office spaces, school and university campuses, and so on. Now, whether that’s a good or unfortunate matter is the subject of another conversation. However, the need for a strong safety and surveillance system within all of these industries is something that you can guarantee needs to evolve along with the demand for safety.

These days, ensuring safety among all of these industries, while simultaneously reducing vandalism to valuable industry properties, is of maximum importance. That’s why the experts at Information Transport Solutions (ITS) offer a number of video surveillance security solutions to provide clients across the board with an easy-to-use management initiative and surveillance software that provides a valuable solution in relation to the world around it!

Curious about the importance of video surveillance? Want to know more about the different technologies surrounding video surveillance software? The experts at ITS are here to give you an inside look at everything you need to know:

The Importance of Video Surveillance

Video surveillance technologies that are integrated into the workplace (or campus, or facility, depending on your specific industry) protect both the company and its employees. Consider the many benefits of implementing video surveillance into your space:

Protect the Facility

Installing and maintaining video surveillance systems inside and outside of your business and facility furthers the safety of such. First and foremost, video surveillance helps keep a record of who enters and exits the facility, grounds, etc. – thus thwarting potential dangerous situations or theft attempts.

Video surveillance technology can act as a crime deterrent. When criminals see a surveillance camera, or employees know surveillance is in place, it discourages criminal activity.

Furthermore, video surveillance ensures that there are always a set of digital “eyes” on the building and surrounding property – allowing owners and related parties to monitor things such as visitors, package deliveries, building conditions, weather conditions, etc.
Real-Time Monitoring

Video surveillance technologies provide you with real time monitoring of your place of business and/or property. Think about it: with integrated technology, you would no longer need to look through archival footage to find what you need; instead you watch things in real time! Even more, with remote monitoring, you can view it all from the convenience of wherever you may be! This allows you to keep an eye on your property… especially if you should suddenly get worried about what is happening while you are away!

Create a Better Experience

The video surveillance technologies offered by ITS go far beyond simply recording footage – they also come equipped with the latest in video analytics technology.

Our advanced video security solutions use analytics in order to track people as they go through stores, campuses, offices, etc., building profiles on what customers like and dislike, what catches their attention, what works and doesn’t work, and more. By analyzing the video, a business owner, manager, or president can determine what will have the biggest impact on consumer decisions. With this in mind, you’ll be able to provide a better experience for everyone!

Conflict Resolution

Like it or not, conflicts can pop up pretty much anywhere. Sometimes it might be a dispute between an employee and a customer, or it could be between two students, or a doctor and a hospital patient… you get the picture!

In instances like these, it’s helpful for the business/company to review what exactly took place and come to a decision on how best to proceed in the handling of the incident or happening. Of course, all of this is possible when the company has a video surveillance system installed, giving proof of what happened.

Video Surveillance Technology

We touched upon features like real-time, remote monitoring; but what other beneficial features does video surveillance technology offer? Let’s take a look:

Cost Effectiveness

Perhaps one of the most beneficial aspects of using a video surveillance system is the cost savings it gives you and your company. With a simple set-up and management system via ITS, the system offers you ways to make and save money just by having it in place. For example: reducing theft means taking a small hit to your inventory expenses. Improving productivity means more work gets done. Making the customer experience better means customers are more willing to require and use your goods/services All in all, surveillance systems simply make sense to your bottom dollar.

Digital Storage

Video surveillance systems also act as a means for a digital storage system. All that footage that your surveillance system captures can easily be stored digitally— without overloading time or space availability. This helps in giving you a large store of information which you can study and analyze for future use.

With ITS’s video security systems, finding the video footage you want has also become easier, thanks to the inclusion of included customer support for access and inclusion.

Customized Solutions

Every video surveillance technology solution offered by ITS is designed, installed, managed, and upgraded in ways that are strategically aligned to meet the specific needs of our customers.  Our video surveillance cameras cover a variety of application needs ranging from covert, spy camera environments to massive industrial and campus-wide (waterproof) applications. At ITS, we work with you to ensure that your specific wants and needs are met – no doubt about that!

Are you ready to streamline the security of your building, facility, and/or property? Are you ready to ensure safety and offer a means of doing so? Get in touch with the experts at ITS today to discover how your enterprise can further benefit from video surveillance technology.

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