Technology is intertwined in virtually every aspect of our culture. Existing and evolving tech impacts how we live, work, play, and, most importantly, learn. With wireless solutions like tablets, laptops, connectivity, and the IoT becoming increasing requirements across every industry, it only makes sense that our schools and educational establishments adopt technology in the classroom. However, for many educational campuses, implementing the latest and greatest in tech is a difficult strategy to navigate.

Tech increasingly shows up on the “necessities” list of educational institutions, yet we often notice school leaders and authorities cautious to implement techniques that depart from the traditional methods. To better help your school confidently make the decision to embrace technology in the classroom, we at Information Transport Solutions, Inc., a Uniti company, have decided to explore a number of reasons why doing so would benefit your students, teachers, faculty, and staff. Following, we take a look at the ways in which ITS can assist your educational institution in tech adoption, and the benefits of doing so.

Tech Improves Engagement

When technology is integrated into learning, students are generally expected to be more interested in the subjects they’re studying. Technology provides different, engaging opportunities for teaching the same things in new ways. For instance, delivering teaching through gamification, taking students on virtual field trips and using other online learning resources, create more opportunities for students to consume information and experiences in new ways. Technology can encourage a more active participation in the learning process.

This all starts with strong and secure internet connection. Establishing dedicated internet access for a school campus requires several steps. Fortunately, ITS handles all of them for you, including installation, provisioning, and network security. We are responsible for coordinating all aspects of the installation and ensuring that your school’s internet service is operational and secure.

We are well versed in setting up and maintaining wireless networks. Wireless LANs are becoming a standard part of educational networks, covering entire campuses, not just a single classroom. Our unified wired and wireless solution:

  • Increases student and faculty productivity
  • Enhances collaboration
  • Improves responsiveness
  • Addresses security, deployment, management, and control issues involved in large-scale wireless LAN rollouts

Tech Connects the Student Body

Students can utilize tech to enhance collaboration skills by getting involved in different online activities. For instance, working on different projects by collaborating with others on forums or by sharing documents via virtual learning environments. Technology can encourage collaboration with students in the same classroom, same school and even with other classrooms around the world.

Tech Creates Change

Technology helps change the roles and relationships of both the students and the teacher. Tech enables students to take responsibility for their learning outcomes, while teachers become guides and facilitators. Technology lends itself as the multidimensional tool that assists that process.

Tech Supports Learning Style Diversity

Each child in the classroom is different — they each learn differently — and it can be a challenge for teachers and staff to adjust their learning plan to fit every student. Fortunately, technology in education can help school leaders modify and diversify their lessons.

For example, kids who seem interested in drawing during the entire class might benefit from software applications that allow them to create infographics around the current subject a teacher is lecturing on. That way, the student will be able to artistically express themselves while also demonstrating their capabilities and understanding of the content. Different tech applications support the expansion of learning styles, and make it easier for teachers to provide students with a more tailored experience that can benefit them in the future.

Tech Supports Safety

The tech solutions at ITS make software and technology solutions at school campuses safer and more productive. We offer state-of-the-art location services using panic alert button systems throughout classrooms and other areas, such as the courtyard, that might need technology with the ability to instantaneously alert the right people in cases related to emergencies such as an intruder.

When the ITS panic button transmitter is pushed and activated, an RF signal is sent to a corresponding receiver. The control panel then automatically sends an alarm to the necessary authorities or monitoring station, and police will automatically be in route to the school.

Technology will undoubtedly continue to evolve, and it would be beneficial for schools to adjust their classroom style to align with its advancements. We encourage all educational institutions to take “the risk”. Try something new. You never really know how effective a tool or approach will be until you give it a try. You can have ITS professionals there to support, lead ,and show you the way as you streamline technology in the classroom.

It’s time to dive in and take your school to the next level. Give ITS a call today to learn more.

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