The Importance of Maintaining Skills and Certifications in Your Career

The Importance of Maintaining Skills and Certifications in Your Career

Hiring employees who lack technical knowledge or don’t have the right skills for a job can prove to be costly in terms of both employee turnover and damage to a company’s reputation. Validating a candidate’s certifications is quickly becoming one of the primary tools employers are using to guard against costly risks to their organization.

Certifications are a way to ensure the competence of professionals by measuring skills and knowledge. Maintaining certain licenses and certifications are an avenue for advancement in many professions. Often, the drive and determination to earn a certification are strong in the beginning of one’s career, but over time complacency sets in and maintaining certifications and/or seeking new ones becomes less of a priority. Staying up to date on your certifications shows your commitment to success and helps ensure longevity in your professional career.

More and more companies, particularly in the field of technology are making it mandatory to hold certain software and cloud based certifications, including staying up to speed on new technology releases. With cloud based releases updating on average roughly every four months, it can become difficult to stay current on certifications amidst managing project deadlines.

When it comes to information technology, the difference in maintaining certifications vs. not can be significant with regard to earning potential. According to a recent article published by Forbes Magazine, IT professionals with security related certifications are earning on average $17,000 more per year than the median IT certification salary. Citrix certifications have annual salaries that range from $99,411 to $105,086 with a median salary of $102,365. If that’s not enough to get your attention, all 5 AWS certifications available pay above market with the average salary being $125,591. Technology evolves at warp speed and certifications are no different. Having valid certifications promote your credibility. It’s no longer good enough to simply be knowledgeable, you must have the certifications to back it up.

All in all, don’t let your skills wane. Maintaining and evolving your skills is very important and the proof will be in your career escalation. Your drive to be successful will speak for itself and will create opportunities otherwise not possible. No matter what kind of work you do, adopting the mindset to never let a certification or license lapse, will only serve to expand your career opportunities and make you a more valuable employee.

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