Get this: Every 40 seconds, at least one business falls victim to a cyber-attack. Even more, by 2021, cybercrime is estimated to cost the world more than $6 trillion annually, according to Cybersecurity Ventures’ 2016 Cybercrime Report. The cyber-hacking epidemic is sweeping across the globe, and just when we think we might be gaining ground on our digital adversaries, a new, more powerful and complex attack is launched.

It may seem obvious – a robust commitment to cybersecurity from an organization’s management equals better protection. But the deal shouldn’t stop there. It’s all well and good implementing the latest and greatest in security technology, but what’s even more important than the technology itself is the necessity of creating a business-wide cybersecurity culture.

What is Cybersecurity Culture?

Cybersecurity culture includes the knowledge, beliefs, attitudes, norms, and values of a business’s employees regarding cybersecurity and how these manifest in interacting with information technologies. It reflects the understanding that the business’s actions are dependent on shared beliefs, values and actions of its employees, including their attitude towards cybersecurity.

While many companies and employees are familiar with related concepts such as cybersecurity awareness and information security frameworks, cybersecurity culture covers a broader scope. The idea behind it is to make information security considerations an integral part of an employee’s daily life. The experts at ITS are sharing how to create a business-wide cybersecurity culture.

Make All Employees Aware

Digital hackers thrive on human error, so creating a business-wide cybersecurity culture is all about training and awareness. In order to instill the culture, every employee must be made aware of the potential threats they could face – from phishing emails to password compromising or using an insecure network.

And remember, one team meeting about cybersecurity isn’t going to cut it. Cyber-attacks come in many different forms and are always evolving along with technology itself, so everyone needs to be kept up to date on what to look out for.

Implement an Internal Process

So what internal processes need to be in place to ensure that cybersecurity culture can thrive? First and foremost, organizations need to ensure that cybersecurity awareness and organizational security procedures are well established in the overall business process.

Employees need to know what measures are in place to protect them if they make a mistake so that they don’t feel pressured to act as the last line of defense. Businesses also need to ensure that the right fail-safes are in place so that when those mistakes are made, the consequences can be avoided.

Install the Right Tech

A strong cybersecurity culture is nothing without strong security technology features. For example, at ITS, our premium cybersecurity solutions mitigate potential threats against your organization. We offer digital storage systems that build an efficient infrastructure for you to store, protect, optimize, and leverage your information.

The right, secure tech will allow you and your employees to manage more data, more efficiently – keeping it available and secure, and ready for growth.

Work with the Right Supports

The cybersecurity landscape is always changing as hackers find new ways to access information, which is why creating a culture of consistent awareness of threats is so important. Hand-in-hand with that culture, too, comes the importance of pairing up with a trusted IT company.

Information Transport Solutions, Inc. (ITS), a Uniti Company, is a full-service, professional provider of technology solutions. We integrate security, surveillance, voice, video, and data to make organizations more profitable and productive. We help educational institutions build the right infrastructure and implement technologies to build a safe environment, enhance administrative efficiency, and create digital classrooms. We also specialize in the financial, banking, and healthcare markets.

Why a Cybersecurity Culture is so Important

While anything “cyber” is often related to the digital world, a company’s physical environment is just as important in maintaining a certain level of security. The atmosphere of your business not only can reveal a lot about the strength of its cybersecurity culture, but it visually reinforces the policies in place.

Maintaining a high level of security starts with the walls that encase the organization and moves inward. If your organization is a security mess, then employees won’t need to be shown the policies. They will already know what’s expected of them: not much.

Are You Ready to Learn More?

The premier ITS technical team provides expertise in a wide range of infrastructure and IT services. We work individually with our customers to create tailored service plans (cybersecurity-wise and beyond) that meet and exceed our clients’ unique needs.

We provide turnkey solutions and dedicate ourselves to assisting customers where they need us. Get in touch with the IT experts at ITS today for more information.

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