As you may or may not know, the e-rate funding program (or education rate) was established to assist eligible schools and libraries in obtaining affordable IT services (telecommunications, internet and the like) on an adjusted rate. Recently, we covered the entirety of e-rate funding – suitability, guidelines, covered services and the fact that ITS supports the program – in our blog. You can access that article here. What you still might not grasp, however, are the benefits of working with a professional IT firm that supports this type of funding.

Why ITS?

1. More Tech Availability

Depending on factors such as financial standing, program eligibility and need, a school or library can save anywhere between 20 and 90 percent on eligible IT services through a participating provider such as ITS. This substantial cost reduction may free up funds to re-distribute to other necessary and pressing areas of the entity’s budget, such as teacher and staff salaries, equipment and facilities.

The reduced costs will also allow for more tech functions within the classroom or library. And more tech means that more students (or patrons) will have access to the internet and online learning opportunities. These opportunities may come in the form of additional laptops or tablets, faster internet connections and capabilities and advanced support services.

2. Digital Learning Opportunities

For schools and libraries without adequate technology and telecommunications, digital learning opportunities may be limited to specific classrooms or areas, time periods and/or capabilities. However, when e-rate funding allows for more equipment, each student or patron might be able to obtain unlimited connectivity and digital learning outlets.

While working together with an e-rate capable professional, countless schools and libraries have been able to increase their technical services, giving their students and patrons greater access to digital educational content and experiences.

3. Futuristic Learning & Teaching

For better or worse, technology makes it easier for teachers, students, librarians, historians, professionals and patrons alike to connect on an ongoing basis. For the sake of mitigating redundancy, let’s focus on the classroom. Following are just some of the advantages to teacher-student connectivity:

  • Internet-enabled platforms simplify educational tracking (whether first-hand by the student, as a teacher observing, or as a parent involved in the student’s education) and allow for the monitoring of the student’s progress throughout the year.
  • Technology allows teachers to provide content from virtually anywhere, even when after the school bell rings. From cloud-based services to live-streaming lectures, students have more opportunities to connect with their teachers, mentors and peers. Students might better be able to ask questions and receive help while working on homework, even outside of school operating hours.
  • Online and web-based teaching saves paper and eliminates the need for students to carry around a book for each class subject. This saves not only money, but also the planet and is seen as a “green” approach to education.

4. Operational Simplification

With the implementation, monitoring, maintenance and support services offered by ITS, open, standards-based network platforms will become the classroom/library norm. Integration of multiple network functions will better allow eligible entities to simplify and spend less for networks that are future-proofed for connectivity and digital learning.

5. Lower Costs

With the financial savings produced through e-rate funding, our partners are better able to make use of valuable infrastructure and airspace to deliver increased digital capacity via less equipment.

6. Trusted Partnership

When you team up with a trusted IT professional to receive and manage e-rate tech funding, you gain a trusted partner. On a continual basis, we at ITS help educational institutions build the right infrastructure for their campus and implement technologies to build a safe environment, enhance administrative efficiency, and create digital classrooms.

With over a decade of experience in partnering with educational institutions and entities, you can trust ITS with all of your telecommunications, internet, connectivity and ongoing, virtual-security needs. Essentially, we work with you to become your premier partner in every digital aspect.

Interested in working together and/or learning more? Reach out to us today. Our team of trusted professionals are on hand at all times to provide you’re the best and most accurate IT solutions.

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