ITS Gives Back To Alabama State University.

In continuation of our goal to connect the world, ITS has just secured high-speed, high-bandwidth internet access for Alabama State University. The new circuit will ensure ASU students and faculty enjoy reliable connections to facilitate the highest standards of learning. Additionally, ITS was instrumental in bridging the University with the Montgomery Internet Exchange (MGMix). Established in 2016, the exchange has acted as a public-private partnership offering the region unparalleled bandwidths and lower operating costs.

The result is 10 Gigabits of internet speed across the entire ASU campus, unlocking new opportunities for research and education. In an increasingly digital era, robust online access is paramount for facilitating students’ ever-changing needs. “ASU has joined the internet exchange because of the primary mission of this university,” said ASU President Quinton Ross, “Which is to benefit our students and to expand the font of intellectual knowledge, for them, and for our faculty, staff, and for our institution, which is over 150 years old.”

In addition to connecting the University to the MGMix, ITS is also providing the campus with its everyday internet access. The new high-speed infrastructure will help ensure paths for more grant opportunities, creating a compounding positive impact. Today more than ever, grant acquisition is essential for the flourishing of campus life. From funds for research to new university expansions, a powerful and robust internet connection can help draw in new funders. Additionally, it can help bring ASU into a modern era, keeping it cutting-edge and appealing to new generations of students looking for the best college. Collectively, the advancements signal unparalleled competitiveness in an already bullish university environment.

ITS partnership with ASU marks another chapter in our commitment to working directly with the education system, including K-12 school districts. Our mission of providing technology with integrity begins with the students and children who are foundational to our communities. ITS has also been instrumental in facilitating digital classrooms which help bring learning into the 21st century. Unparalleled tools for teachers and administrators help maximize efficiency and build a safer environment. Without ease of access to the world’s information, educators cannot sufficiently tend to students’ needs.

The Montgomery Internet Exchange represents the growing need that digital services play in modern society. Partnerships between public organizations, private companies, military, and research universities help competing interests unite for a common goal.

In securing ASU with a connection to the MGMix, ITS has set a new precedent for the campus that many others may soon follow. Indeed, ASU was the second university to partner with the exchange. Since its inception in 2016, MGMix has recruited 25 partners from various sectors. Operating out of a central hub in downtown, the exchange can handle 100 Gigabits of data every second.

All of this is ensured through a process of centralization located at the RSA Data Center in downtown Montgomery. The exchange thrives because data is sent within a local center as opposed to being distributed to a separate region, such as a distant city. The result is increased internet speeds that pave the way for higher bandwidths. The benefits extend to many platforms including television for streaming or downloading content on your computer.

In a true statement of its collaborative nature, MGMix is led by a number of officials from various areas, including research universities, the Montgomery Area Chamber of Commerce, Maxwell Gunter Air Force Base, and more. Moving forward, ITS will continue securing the absolute highest quality internet services for the students and faculty at Alabama State University. With our commitment and their dedication, this will be a partnership that gives back to the community.

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