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From Cisco equipment to Layer 2 Ethernet to managed Internet connectivity, ITS is now able to provide nearly its full service offering in Alabama through its pre-bid contracts. Now, a public entity is not required to invest its resources to release an RFP, review responses, and select a low bid vendor. This process has already been completed by various authorized entities, allowing every Alabama government and school system to access the same low pricing enjoyed by huge state agencies.

“We are an Alabama-based small business with the experience and engineering resources of much larger companies,” said ITS CEO Steve Meany. “This combination means our customers receive networking equipment and services at the lowest price with the highest level of implementation and back-end support.”

Products and services included, but not limited to, are:

  • Internet Access and Services
  • Layer 2 Ethernet
  • Broadband Point-To-Point Services
  • Cisco and Other Vendors’ Networking Equipment
  • Hosted and Managed VoIP

“The value of a pre-bid contract is immense for any entity that needs experienced network engineering services, and outsourced help desk, or network equipment. It saves time, money, and headaches, all while you get to work with an Alabama-based company,” concluded Meany.

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