ITS Plays Major Role in New Montgomery Internet Exchange.

On Wednesday, Montgomery Mayor Todd Strange, Lt. General Steven Kwast, RSA CEO David Bronner, the Montgomery Chamber of Commerce, and others announced a groundbreaking cyber project that will bring the Internet close to the River Region. The Montgomery Internet Exchange (MIX), with on-going monitoring and support service from Information Transport Solutions, Inc. (ITS), will put the city on par with Atlanta, Jacksonville, and Miami as cities in the Southeast that have direct access to the Internet.

“All Internet traffic originating in Alabama was previously required to go to another state before accessing the backbone of the Internet,” said ITS CEO Steve Meany. “The Montgomery Internet Exchange will locally store and distribute content, which will reduce Internet latency for consumer applications like American Idol, Fox Sports, and Hulu. ITS is privileged to provide advanced engineering services and on-going monitoring and support services for the infrastructure.”

ITS worked with the City of Montgomery, Air University at Maxwell Air Force Base, Montgomery County, the Montgomery Chamber, and the Retirement System of Alabama to plan and develop the MIX, also known as the Montgomery Cyber Connection. Using ITS’ systems engineering and administration resources and experience, the group discussed options and opportunities that would bring more economic development to the area. MIX was the result.

“Managing an Internet exchange is no easy task. ITS will be there 24/7 to ensure it remains working, because soon millions of businesses and individuals will rely on this new, fast connection to the rest of the world,” concluded Meany.

Through its high-speed fiber Internet service, ITS will also provide bandwidth temporarily for the Akamai servers to collect their cached information. Support for the MIX project is handled out of ITS’ Montgomery office headquartered at the RSA Data Center.

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