With January 2019 already halfway gone, you have most likely already begun looking at the clean slate of the New Year with a sense of optimism and hope as it pertains to the information technology landscape.

Changes are upon us. For example, this year, we are already beginning to see digital trust (cybersecurity measures) emerge as the next security model. Lack of digital trust has laid the foundation for digital trust by allowing IT to build a ‘digital fingerprint’ of their employees. These days, digital trust allows a user access to applications and systems, if they remain consistent with their profile.

Those in the IT industry may view this year more as a future filled with potential threats and attack vectors to worry about. With this in mind, the experts at Information Transport Solutions (ITS) Inc., a Uniti Company, are sharing what cybersecurity trends look to be on the horizon as the New Year unfolds.

Top Cybersecurity Trends for 2019

The Internet of Things (IoT) as a Pain Point

Though the Internet of Things (IoT) ostensibly provides users with a plethora of convenience, it looks as though it will continue to be a major source of vulnerability for enterprises and consumers alike.

This year, routers and cameras will remain popular targets, and the ITS pros believe that attacks leveraging the IoT will become more diverse in the future. So, what does this mean for your office and team? Shadow IT systems in the workplace need to be examined – 2019 marks a year where good cyber-housekeeping is a key differentiator in the IT realm of your business.

Therefore, it’s imperative to implement improved threat detection. Digital trust involves the deployment of different security measures that seek and monitor potential threats. If false information regarding a user is being used on the dark web, organizations will be notified that they’ve been breached. They can then immediately erase the fraudulent digital identities and ─ through their backup and recovery systems ─ reinstate the known, accurate version of the user’s digital fingerprint.

Malware is at the Forefront

Ransomware, crypto mining, and VPN filters are some of the key malware challenges that continue to threaten businesses and consumers this year.

Complexity will be seen in some areas such as ransomware, as well as new malware approaches and increased volumes of malware in other areas. Unfortunately, the ITS experts report that traditional practices will no longer provide enough protection for your digital systems.

This year, solutions that have a direct malware focus are essential for organizations, alongside tracking of network activity (in and out of the network). With Cybersecurity Ventures predicting that ransomware damage costs will exceed $11.5 billion by 2019, it certainly won’t be going away. Therefore, you’ll want to double down and ensure that a secure backup plan is working and tested.

“Artificial” Cyberattacks are a Very Real Possibility

Artificial intelligence (AI) is quickly rising as a vessel for cybercriminals to carryout their attacks. Throughout 2019, AI-augmented attacks are being categorized as a real threat. Creating a new breed of AI-powered malware, hackers will may garner the ability to infect an organization’s system using the malware and sit undetected, gathering information about users’ behaviors and organization systems.

Adapting to its surroundings, the malware will unleash a series of bespoke attacks targeted to take down a company from the inside out.

Everyone is Looking Toward the Cloud

As more and more businesses migrate to the cloud, a new role of cloud migration security is essential in this year’s IT spectrum.

As companies integrate into new technology, there is an assumption that they’re automatically protected as they transition workloads to the cloud. The channel has a role to play in educating companies that this isn’t necessarily the case, and they’ll need help protecting themselves from threats.

Security-wise, continuous moderation with the help of automation can help teams. Customer misconfiguration, mismanaged credentials or insider theft are the likely risks present – not so much provider vulnerabilities. Proper and protective Cloud practices will only grow in importance over the next 12 months, particularly in avoiding devastating data breaches.

Secure by Design

For many years, organizations were building cybersecurity solutions and then ‘bolt on’ security measures as an afterthought. This would often lead to deployment delays and additional costs.

Organizations then shifted towards internal security solutions at various stages along the way. The security team was engaged periodically during development, but cybersecurity was still ‘tagged on’ at the end.

This mindset is changing yet again. With business leaders now confident that digital is here to stay, they’re also recognizing they must be secure by design. The tech solutions experts at ITS are adept at making software and technology solutions available to our clients that will make organizations safer, more profitable, and more productive. The state-of-the-art ITS surveillance and security solutions provide our clients with top of the line security that enables their organizations to run at their highest level of effective productivity.

Regulations are Impacting Risk Profiles

Standards groups, industries, and governments are constantly implementing new security policies. Compliance pressure on organizations has grown in the last year with the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Data regulation is going global this year. As a result, we expect to see governance and compliance playing an increasingly important role in how organizations manage their risk profile in 2019. If, for example, they’re deploying a new application or technology, they’ll be more critical in their decision-making process. They’ll need to carefully consider what additional risk it might add and how it will affect their risk positioning in the IT realm.

So how can organizations ensure compliance and complete protection?

2019 is the Year to Pair with an IT Professional

ITS is a full-service provider of technology solutions. We integrate voice, video, and top of the line security systems to make organizations more profitable and productive. We help our partners build the right infrastructure and implement technologies to build a safe environment, enhance administrative efficiency, and create digital classrooms.

Our founder built the company with a focus on technical and cybersecurity expertise.  The result is a staff comprised of a group of highly trained technicians and engineers, customer support representatives, and IT professionals. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how you can streamline your cybersecurity measures throughout 2019.

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