When you hear the terms “information technology infrastructure,” what do you think of? As it applies to your business, IT infrastructure refers to the combined suite of hardware, software, and network resources required for operating your enterprise as a whole. IT infrastructure is the backbone that allows the delivery of business value through applications and solutions to employees, stakeholders, and customers/clients.

While the idea of IT infrastructure is often implemented internally within companies, it can also be provided as a service using cloud services and a buffet of different technologies— though many companies overlook this asset and instead focus solely on their IT “team.”

Why you should put a spotlight on your IT infrastructure management? Why is it that important to build a better IT infrastructure (whether or not the system you have in place seems to be working)? The experts at Information Transport Systems (ITS) are here to explain what you’ve been missing out on when it comes to your IT enterprise.

Why Do We Need to Keep the Focus on IT Development?

Think about your IT department on a bigger scale to help shape your perspective: The physical infrastructure of cities and neighborhoods includes its personnel, but also the systems that make its economy possible – energy, transportation, food and water systems, and waste management, for example. Those systems are critical to public health, economic recovery, and community resilience.

As time goes on, our cities do not necessarily need “more” infrastructure; instead, they need to maintain, upgrade, and replace our aging, outmoded, infrastructure with healthier, more equitable, more efficient, and more effective infrastructure.

The same idea holds true for your business. Building better IT infrastructure results in more streamlined, seamless processes.

X Ways to Build Better IT Infrastructure

Implement Wide Area Networks (WAN)

Your infrastructure needs to be able to adapt as fast as your business does. This ability to accommodate growth and change should be addressed mainly within network availability, processing, and storage. No amount of “big data” should get in your way.

The ITS-managed WAN service provides wide area network connectivity across your various locations. It ensures reliable and accessible connections for your business sites in order to run critical applications across a seamless network, regardless of where in the world you may be!

Enhance WiFi

ITS is an expert in setting up and maintaining wireless networks designed to deliver reliable internet access and network communication that will allow your company to thrive without complication. Wireless LANs are becoming a standard part of enterprise networks, covering entire campuses, not just meeting rooms.

Our unified wired and wireless solutions:

  • Increases employee productivity
  • Enhances collaboration
  • Improves responsiveness to customers
  • Addresses security, deployment, management, and control issues involved in large-scale wireless LAN rollouts

Build Intuitively; Document Everything

Avoid excessive complexities, over-engineering, and patchwork efforts that put Band-Aids on current problems with the anticipation that IT will return to them later. Instead, implement a mandate that demands permanent solutions to technical problems and provide a very clear breadcrumb trail that allows all to follow.

Build a documentation process into every task. Good documentation is the backbone of an efficiently run IT infrastructure operation. Effective storage can save time in resolving critical issues as well as in orienting new staff in an efficient manner.

Prepare for Adequate Storage and Back-up

ITS’ storage solutions build an efficient infrastructure that lets you store, protect, optimize, and leverage your information. Manage more data, more efficiently – you’ll keep your information available and secure, and ready for growth. The protection of the data includes remote site backups for worse case scenarios. ITS can design these systems to accommodate all critical data with an assurance it will always be available.

Consider IT Infrastructure as a Service

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is connected to the other core cloud computing services that include Software as a Service (SaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS). Under this model, a third-party expert (such as ITS) implements and/or hosts user applications, hardware, software, servers, storage, security, and other IT components on behalf your business. Chores such as system maintenance, backup and contingency planning are managed as well.

By bringing in experts like those at ITS, you access years of extensive experience in auditing, designing, and implementing IT systems architecture. It is imperative that the experts set-up infrastructure to include everything from single-server environments to multi-site, high-availability clusters, an essential capability that accommodates small, medium, and large businesses alike.

Pair with a Trusted IT Expert

Choosing and managing hardware, software and SaaS vendors can be instrumental to infrastructure success.

One key to integrating in-house and SaaS services into your infrastructure is support. Before you enter into a contract with providers, use the “try before you buy” model (whenever possible) as the early stages of the relationship can be an indicator of the support you will receive. Action, reaction, and communication during times when something goes wrong are the gauge.

ITS was built with a focus on engineering and technical expertise with incomparable customer service.  The result is a staff comprised of a group of highly trained technicians and engineers, customer support representatives, and IT professionals that are always there to help you with new solutions.

Get the Ball Rolling for Better IT Infrastructure

With the right expert, you and your company will also gain access to valuable partnerships that will be essential to the success of your infrastructure.

Information Transport Solutions, Inc. (ITS) is a full-service provider of technology solutions. We integrate voice, video, and data to make organizations more profitable and productive. We help our clients build the right – better – infrastructure and implement technologies to build a safe environment, enhance administrative efficiency, and create digital workspaces.

Ready to build a better IT infrastructure for your organization? Contact the experts at ITS to get started today! If you’d like to discuss how partnering with ITS can improve your product or business, get in touch with us now or click here to learn more.

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