A “cloud” is essentially an IT environment designed to remotely facilitate scalable and measured IT resources. In simpler terms, the expression “cloud” originated as a metaphor for the Internet, which is basically a network of networks providing remote access to a set of IT resources. Cloud computing allows consumers and organizations to use applications without installation and access to their personal files at any computer with internet access.

Is your company utilizing cloud services and computing? If not, it should be. Here’s why:

Reasons Your Organization Could Benefit from Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing Gives Your Organization Flexibility

Mobile, cloud-based services are ideal for businesses with growing bandwidth. Cloud capacities are very easy to scale up and/or scale down, as flexibility is baked into the service’s remote servers. This level of agility can give organizations using cloud computing a significant advantage – it’s no coincidence that IT professionals rank ‘operational agility’ as a top driver for cloud adoption.

Cloud Computing Leads to Cost Savings

One of the major reasons why many small- and large-scale business sectors from all over the world are using cloud services today is because of tremendous effect the cloud has on overall company cost saving. And it makes sense. Cloud computing has had a drastic impact on the lessened need for hardware and software, their associated costs, and other server resources as well.

Rather than having desktop software, businesses can store their confidential information in the cloud, with no need to pay licensing fees for multiple users. One can pay one-time cost or pay-as-you-go for maintenance of the data from a trusted IT partner like the pros at ITS.

Cloud Computing Combats Disaster

Businesses of all sizes should be investing in robust security solutions, and cloud services back that up with built-in disaster recovery measures.

As all data would be stored in the cloud, backing it up and recovering it on an as-needed basis becomes much easier rather than storing it on a physical device. Most of the service providers can handle the restoration of the data, too, and reduce the risks of confidential information.

Cloud Computing Allows You to Work from Anywhere

Cloud computing services can be accessed from anywhere, at any time, as long as you are using a device with internet access. The data can be accessed from traditional desktops, smartphones, tablets, etc. Hence, cloud computing solutions offer great flexibility and location independence.

Work from home, from the office, on a plane, or in the café – cloud computing makes it all possible.

Cloud Computing Provides Faster Deployment

Companies utilizing cloud computing would be able to get their applications running quickly as the surface offers improved manageability and lower maintenance needs. Your IT partner can adjust the resources with the fluctuating demands when they use cloud computing services.

Cloud Computing Raises Competitiveness

Cloud services help business organizations act faster than their competitors due to higher speeds and increased ability. The important decisions can be taken quicker. Cloud services can surely help you remain competitive in the industry.

With these benefits, keep in mind that IT security should not be removed. In fact, excluding IT security can actually turn out to be very detrimental.

How? Cloud computing detriments can happen because of the following reasons:

  • Perhaps an innovative project fails because of poor information access. This could happen simply by not having your IT security partners fully informed on what is being done. This could turn out being more detrimental than working together to solve it from the beginning.
  • Information security risks associated with innovative initiatives are too high because security was not brought into the cloud computing process from the get-go.
  • Slower time to market and higher costs when security needs to be put in as an afterthought.

To mitigate risks, here’s what you could resort to:

  • Ensure you IT security partners understand your industry and the business goals of the organization, along with the goals aligned with cloud computing and implementing cloud services. When IT security is well informed, it makes it easier for the pros to address concerns at the earliest conveniences and allows them more time during a project to find cooperative and meaningful ways to make the project, and the process, work.
  • Communicate with your IT partners a well-defined roadmap for security that ties to corporate strategy and share it with other business functions.
  • Ensure the IT security team has connections and constant communication with key business leadership.
  • Demonstrate how security technology investments have direct links to business priorities.

Pair with the Pros

Information Transport Solutions, Inc. (ITS), a Uniti company, is a full-service provider of technology solutions integrating voice, video, and data to make organizations more profitable and productive. We are versed in both security and cloud computing solutions and work together with our clients and partners to implement technologies that nurture a safe environment and enhance administrative efficiency.

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