ALERT: Key E-rate Deadline is April 13th!

ALERT: Key E-rate Deadline is April 13th!

By: Steve Meany, CEO

The window is closing on your chance to apply for E-rate funding. April 13th is the last day you can submit your FCC Form 470 to seek competitive bids for services.

2017 looks like a great year to apply, as the number of applicants appears to be lower than last year. As of March 31, just over 17k applicants had posted Form 470s, versus over 23k filed last year.

We understand the application process can be overwhelming, but the benefits for your school are too good to pass up. Whether you have questions about the application process, need more information about how our services can help your students and teachers, or would like to receive a competitive bid, we’re here to help.

ITS is a USAC E-Rate approved service provider. Our fiber, VoIP, and network management services are helping urban and rural schools across the Southeast not only meet data demand today, but also build their capabilities for the future.

Our services help create innovative and interactive classrooms that improve student comprehension and performance. Combine that with the USAC E-Rate program, and together we can help turn your school’s challenges into opportunities.

If you or your school are interested in applying for funding through the E-Rate program, it’s not too late, but you need to act now! The first step in the application process is due April 13, 2017.

Feed your students’ hunger for knowledge, and start the USAC E-Rate program application online today!

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